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The story of La Redonière...

I grew up in my father's restaurant, the Café des Arts in Romans.

I fell in love with this job while removing the stalks from green beans in his kitchen: it was love at first sight!

My grandfather was a farmer, he taught me the love of the land. My grandmother, meanwhile, passed on to me the delicacy, the pleasure of savoring good products. Quite naturally, I chose to become a cook, to learn gastronomy and to share my passion.

I like Anne-Sophie Pic's quote: “cooking is like cinema, it's the emotion that counts. »


From the start, I knew that I wanted to open my own restaurant to acquire real freedom of expression, to take my guests into my world which I hope will be enchanting. Doing business in Romans, the city where I was born, was an obvious choice to me. To highlight a land, you have to know it well.

To express my vision of my profession, here are two quotes from famous chefs that I would like to share with you :
"There is no great cuisine if at the start it is not made out of friendship for the one for whom it is intended"; -Paul Bocuse
"We learn cooking with the cookign of others. At some point, we make our own."

-Jean François Piège

This time has come for me!
Thomas Redon

My background in a nutshell...

In my father's restaurant, I went by all the positions. I started by doing the dishes to serve customers ...

Love at first sight for this job? It was when I worked in the kitchen's restaurant for the first time. After getting my high school diploma, I chose to get a hotel and cooking certificate.

Once I graduated, I had the opportunity to discover and learn gastronomic cuisine at Les Cèdres (2 stars) under the orders of chef Jacques Bertrand, then at the Rive Gauche in Tain (1 star) under Pierre Reboul. After a season in Palma de Mallorca, I made the decision to work in the kitchens of several 4-star hotels.

I have participated many times in Goût de France, an international gastronomic event created by Alain Ducasse and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I also visited the French Embassy in Liberia located in Monrovia.

Finally, I was a finalist in the Best Artisans of France RMC competition!

After taking over my father's kitchens at the Café des Arts for a few years, the time for me to develop my own ideas and my own cooking, had arrived... 

The unexpected stop that is La Redonière was born ...

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La Redonière est un établissement agréé Tables & Auberges de France

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